Taking the stress out of your child's annual celebrations!

The more I work as a children’s entertainer doing puppet shows for London’s kids birthdays, the more I am entranced and inspired by the breadth and scope of children’s imagination.

My most memorable moment was a comment I received when a child was staring intently at me at a party.

Before I continue, let me explain, when I turn up for birthday parties, I’m not dressed in regular clothes but in clothes that are designed to appeal children: bright colours, sparkles, texture, shine and sometimes even bells for an audio element.

This is my look: In my hair I tie in a myriad of ribbons of every single colour of the rainbow, some fluorescent and some metallic. Sometimes children ask me if my hair is real, that should give you an indication of how many ribbons I have tied. I tie in a bell or two so my head jingles when I nod it.

I wear a sequined top ( gold or bright pink) and a purple cardigan ( or cyan blue with pink sequins sewn on) .

I wear  a purple skirt with colourful teardrops or leaves hanging off of it, interspersed with strands of ribbon of all hues. A purple rose hitches the skirt up on one side. Depending on my mood I may also wear a frilly purple and sparkly bustle complete with more bells.

On my legs, rainbow striped socks or purple tights. I don’t wear clown make-up. I don’t consider myself a clown but a ‘puppet lady’. I’m aware that my job relies on children being able to make a rapid character assessment of me to allow the trust that is so important with any work with children. I only usually have about half an hour maximum for this to happen so I avoid any possible pitfalls, like heavy make-up  face paint.

So apart from my face, you might say when I’m at work, I  look a little unusual.

So back to this young fellow staring intently at me. He stared for quite a while, perhaps even a full five minutes before saying:

” I know what you look like” …

I held my breath. It was normal to be called a silly lady, a clown, funny lady, etc, so I wondered what version of insult was coming next. Ah .. me of little faith!

“You look like a melted rainbow!”

My heart melted. This was pure  gold. Poetry at it’s finest. And from the mouth of a young child, no older than 5 years of age.

So when children ask me what I am dressed as, I always say: I’m a melted rainbow.

Don’t you just love them?

Children: so inspiring.

Comments on: "Imagination: Children’s gift to our mundane world." (1)

  1. Children’s imaginations are just inspirational! Your work look sounds fantastic! : )

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