Taking the stress out of your child's annual celebrations!

Sorry folks, it’s been a while since I’ve  posted. I feel like I’ve neglected you all and for that I apologise.  I’ve  been a  busy bunny, entertaining at children’s birthday parties in my capacity as a children’s party entertainer in the London area.  Now I’ve had a moment to breathe I thought I’d jot down a few of my favourite  party games for the over 3’s. I hope you find them useful. I’ve included games that are easily played in a confined space, just in case you are holding the party at home.

Bubble Blowing

Never underestimate the fun potential of simple bubbles. Blow bubbles and ask the children to pop as many as they can. Special catchable bubbles are easily obtained from party stores that are fun to catch and build up into towers. Add some jolly background music for a bubbly fun time.

Musical bumps

An old favourite, Musical Bumps has endured because of it’s simplicity and because it is a whole lot of fun. The way I prefer to play it is that I can never find the person who is last to sit down ( I’m such a silly grown up!) thereby circumventing that horrid feeling of choosing someone to be out. Play good fast and funky music and encourage the children to jump about and wave their hands in the air. Then switch it off and watch them all suddenly drop to the ground.

Musical Statues/ Animals

A variation on Musical Bumps, instead of bumping to the ground when the music stops, the children have to freeze into statues . Wobbly statues are out if you are feeling brave enough to choose… Ring the changes by choosing an animal to impersonate when the music stops.


A really funny game, each child has a picture of an animal stuck on their backs. They have to guess what animal they are by asking other children  to help act out their animal.

Hunt the picture

A great game for that awkward time when people are arriving.Give each guest half of a picture ( magazine picture/comic book/ drawing) and tell them that the other half of the picture is hidden somewhere in the house/room/garden. If they can find the other half of the picture they get to win a small prize.


A great game especially good for a pirate themed party.

For every child at the party, provide a piece of newspaper, less one. Lay them down on the floor so they don’t touch.

While the music plays, the children dance around the ‘islands’ but when the music stops, everyone has to find an island to stand on to avoid being eaten by the sharks/crocodile/octopus. Keep going until there is only one piece of paper left, the child on the paper island is the winner. If you want to really up the ante on this game, you can start with one large sheet of newspaper only, and all the children have to try and cram on to it to avoid being out, and every time the music stops, a piece of the newspaper is torn away eventually leaving a piece only big enough for the winner.

What’s the time Mr Wolf?

One child is the wolf. They stand at the end of the room facing away from the other guests while the children try and creep up on him , all the time chanting ‘What’s the Time Mr Wolf? ‘If the wolf says one o clock they are allowed to take one step , two o clock , two steps and so forth. When Mr Wolf turns around they must freeze, if he sees them moving they have to go back to the start. If he shouts DINNER TIME! all the children run as he tries to catch one to replace  him as the wolf. If anyone manages to creep up before the wolf shouts dinner time, then they automatically become wolf.

Pillowcase game

Place some objects in an empty pillow case such as a small teddy, an orange, a spoon, etc. Make sure the objects have no sharp edges, safety first! Then get each child to feel inside the pillow case and guess the object. Each correct guess wins a small prize ( or if you carefully select the objects they can win what they correctly identify).

Squeak Piggy Squeak

Everyone sits in a circle on the floor with their legs crossed. One child is blindfolded and is spun around the inside of the circle. They are given a cushion and led to put the cushion on someone’s lap and sit on it. They then ask ” Squeak piggy squeak” and the sat upon child squeaks like a pig and the blindfolded child attempts to guess who it is. If the child is correctly identified, they get to be the blindfolded cushion person asking the question. This game is potentially hilarious and can end up with all the children in absolute fits of giggles.

Noise game

Prepare a simple story beforehand with lots of potential for noises, an animal or car theme is good.  Sit the children down and give them all a noise. At the appropriate time in the story , Diane says Quack! George goes Nee naw!etc. When you say a certain identified phrase such as Good Morning! everyone makes their noise at the same time. Plan the story carefully to make sure each child gets at least two chances to make their contribution.

The cardboard box game

This game is good for grown ups too!( Probably the supple ones)

Start with a  large cardboard box . The idea of the game is that each person takes turns picking up the box with their teeth only. No hands allowed at all, and no knees to touch the ground. After each successful attempt, a strip of cardboard is torn off of the box around the rim, making it lower to the ground. The winner is the last person who can reach the box with their teeth. A simple game but sometimes the simple ones are the best.

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  1. Some great ideas there Diane. And bubbles – I have not met one child who doesn’t like them and they appeal to a wide variety of ages.

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