Taking the stress out of your child's annual celebrations!

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Here’s a couple of things that children have said to me this last few days:

(On hearing a Michael Jackson song) A five year old girl who was being painted as a butterfly, said: “Michael Jackson is dead isn’t he?”

I replied: ” Yes he is . But he lives on in his music.”

Five year old ponders this for a moment and then replies with very serious expression: ” He’s in another body, he’s still alive. Yes he’s still alive.”

 Woah… Seriously strange dude.

After emerging from my puppet booth dripping glowing with sweat dewdrops , a young lad of around 7 years old says to me:

” I think you’re the best puppeteer in the world EVER , the best EVER invented. You’re just the best!”

Did I say I loved my job?

I love my job.


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