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Wow, sometimes being children’s puppet entertainer in London brings fun from situations you just wouldn’t expect.

What sort of weather are we having this Summer? If you are lucky enough to live in London,England like me, you will have looked out of the window this June and wondered where the Summer has gone. It’s meant to be warm and sunny and all we have had for the past three weeks almost is wind, blustering showers, solid walls of water falling from the sky and thunder storms. Thunder storms like you wouldn’t believe; the sort that make you jump out of your chair while your watching telly ( and it interferes with your satellite dish ).

Gosh, good job I’m good at keeping a happy face on. I’ve had so many clients book Summer  outdoor parties in advance . When taking the booking I always ask my clients if they have a plan B in case of inclement weather conditions. You’d be amazed at how many people just presume the sun will shine just because it’s a Summer month. Well lets just say I’ve had three parties washed out already. The show must go on, and I’ve decamped indoors in two instances while we watched the driving rain pelting down outside. In one instance ( a party  at a paddling pool in  the local park ), the client just braved the elements. Lucky for him that the children attending the party had a sense of adventure and took the huddling in a three man tent while the rain came down all in their stride. I couldn’t quite do a full act in the sweltering corner of the tiny tent but I did my best, singing silly songs with my fairy puppet Fifi  and going through the silly baby monkey routine that all the children find so funny. We shared in the sense of adventure that the new experience of being in a tiny tent in a local park brought with it. Well, in my mind you just have to work with what you have been given. After all, the show must go on right?

I think I may start singing :

The animals came in two by two hoorah! Hoorah!

The animals came in two by two hoorah, hoorah!

The animals came in two by two , the elephant and the Kangaroo and they all went into the ark, for to get out of the rain.

My elephant puppet looking for his partner

Do you think it will ever stop? Has Summer passed us by this year, again?

Global warming? More like Global wetting.

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  1. lol you are funny.. i love your blog its really nice.. will definitely pop by again .. 😛

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