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Summer break

It’s the summer holidays now ( not that you could tell from this good old British weather we’re having) but the time has come when clients go on holiday and partying stops for 6 weeks.

So many people presume that children’s entertainers work the most in the Summer and are surprised that I say that that is when business is quietest.

So for a few weeks rather than writing here, I’m concentrating on my crafting.

Diane the London Children’s party entertainer and puppeteer is having a break and knuckling down to her crochet.

See you over on my craft blog!

Diane gets Crafty

Going crochet crazy! Come and see the cuteness.

Comments on: "Summer break" (1)

  1. I love it! though I’ve been preparing the next article for my blog, I’m also on a break of sorts!. I’ve been working on…you’d never guess…a crochet afghan! I’ve Ben crocheting since I was six, and I still haven’t made a pair of booties as cute as those! Thanks for the “like” and for the related article link to “Having her cake”. Happy writing and crocheting!

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