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Which Witch is Which?

Halloween is fast approaching.

Here in the UK, Halloween isn’t really the big thing that it seems to be in the States, but it’s popularity is ever increasing.

It is very sweet to see groups of little children dressed up in spooky costumes knocking on doors and crying Trick or Treat! Well it is lovely in the nice areas where the people knocking on doors are young and innocent. In some of the inner city areas it isn’t as pleasant. But I won’t lower the tone of the post.

I like witches.When I grow up and I’m too old to be a children’s entertainer,  I might become a witch. It seems like a fun thing to do when your hair goes grey and wrinkles start spreading. It sure beats botox and hair dye. I’d rather use the power of wisdom and age and celebrate the changes rather than spend the rest of my years trying to hold them back.

Sings: ” Holding back the ears…”

In fact, I have my own handbook on witchcraft called The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries which to me is all about being a strong woman.

I’ve made a few witch puppets in my time.

One is a small pocket puppet, useful for quick storytelling. She’s only a few inches tall, not terribly terrifying, but lovely colours, with her green hair and blue face.

Green pocket witch

Then there’s Witchy Poo Poo, she’s a character from one of my original puppet shows .  Fifi the fairy creates her by hastily making a magic spell and getting the words wrong. Instead of wishing for a birthday wish for her mummy, she wishes for a Birthday Witch. ( see what I did there? ) So Witchy Poo Poo is a birthday witch, complete with fiery red hair, wart on the nose and a cloak covered in birthday candles. Look carefully, she doesn’t have any eyes, that makes her even spookier in my eyes. She sure can raise a giggle and a scream from my young clients. Older children really buy into her scariness, even though she is more silly than scary.

I'm a witchy, I'm a witchy poo!

Birthday witchy, come to bother you!

Then I have a very scary witch indeed. She isn’t your typical witch with a pointy hat and black cloak. She is the even more terrifying sort, she is the old lady in disguise. I made this one for my puppet show of Snow White. Here she is the evil queen disguised as a old pedlar woman selling combs. She has really big meaty forearms and one beady eye and a big jutting toothless lower jaw. I know I’d be wary of this lady if I came across here. Wouldn’t you?

Combs my lovely?

Buy my wares, pretty?

Come here my lovely...

Yes, she is a little scary. But don’t we all like a nice safe scare sometimes?

Finally, I’d like to introduce you to a puppet of mine who really has never been used. She is a marionette witch, and because I’m not really a great manipulator of marionettes, ( I prefer fast moving hand puppets) she has languished in a suitcase for years, gathering dust. Not that she minds, mind you. She rather likes dust. She uses it in her magic spells along with spider webs and slug slime.

She has rather fetching red pantaloons underneath her black dress, don’t you think?  She’s wearing  a fine black cloak around her neck. Her broomstick has gone astray, I think it’s flown away or maybe her familiar ( her black cat) has taken it somewhere and hidden it.

I'm casting spells

I'm melting Aargh!

My favourite witch of all time has to be the Wicked Witch of the West from the glorious MGM film, The Wizard of Oz. Can’t you tell?

So which witch do you prefer and why?

I’d love to know.

Comments on: "Which Witch is Which?" (3)

  1. I love witches! I couldn’t wait until the white hair to become a witch, so I started early LOL. I love your puppets.

    My favorite is the marionette. ^^

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