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The final curtain : Time to say Bye Bye.

I’m going to write something I never thought I’d write. Diane is shutting the red velvet curtain of the show for the last time. Twenty four years of bringing laughter and mirth to London’s children is coming to a natural end.

Despite being busier than I’ve ever been with requests for parties, I’ve had to make a big decision to close the diary for any further bookings as of May 2014. I need to create time to be creative. I’m winding down , completing my current bookings until June, but I’m not taking any more bookings from today.

I’m turning 50 next week and I’m entering a new phase in my life.                                         From this:

Photo on 2013-07-19 at 10.06 #2 me                                                                                                                                                   to this :

I am going to be working as a full time artist! This has been my life’s ambition. I’ve had amazing opportunities come my way , in the person of Fabulous Fashionista  Sue Kreitzman,

Sue Mami Wata Queen of Outsider Art, who has been commissioning me to create her colourful wardrobe for the last few months.  I’ve taken up this challenge and have taken it  a step further : recreating her own colourful and exhuberant artwork and incorporating into her clothing making her the ultimate proponent of wearable art. Sues frida                                                                                                                                                                                               Sue’s Frida Kahlo coat

Now other artists and creatives have been asking me to make things for them too,

IMAG1266_1 IMAG1313 IMAG1328 IMAG1403_1 IMAG1404_1 IMAG1414_1 so … it’s time to say bye bye puppets.


It’s been emotional. Full of cuddles, love and many many belly laughs. I’ll never forget that shy boy who I thought wasn’t even watching the show until he ran the length of his corridor and leapt into my arms as I tried to leave.

I hope to leave on a high, with 24 years of beautiful memories to treasure.

I hope Fifi the Fairy forgives me , but I have to follow my dream.

me and Fifi

Bye bye everyone , bye bye.


Hello artists everywhere!


To follow Diane’s creative journey , www.iheartcart.com or on facebook  www.facebook.com/c.Artbags



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