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A magical day spent in Albert Square, ( no, not THAT Albert Square!)

No, this is not a post about spending the day on the set of Eastenders. Where I was today was way more fun.

Me in my theatre after three full shows.

A short hop away from my humble flat is the beautiful Regency period square called Albert Square. In the centre of the square is a beautiful communal garden that today hosted it’s annual Summer Festival and  I had the privilege of providing puppet shows for the occasion.

I set up alongside Vauxhall City Farms selection of sweet animals, including three black sheep ( Fifi the fairy couldn’t stop singing Blah Blah Blasheep) a dinky white Shetland pony, baby ducklings and chicks, and some sweet bunnies. Bobby Bunny was in very good company as he encouraged the children to hop along to his tune. And hop they did! It always makes me smile when I observe the audience of children of all ages from behind the theatre,  hopping up and down with my puppet bunny rabbit.

Gosh you are big!

The next show was the traditional tale of Red Riding Hood starring of course, the Big Bad Wolf. My show has a little twist on the classic as it features two wolves. The Big Bad Wolf and his smaller younger brother whom the children meet first. Of course, the children think the smaller one is the real Big Bad Wolf and you can only imagine their reaction when they get to see his much bigger, much scarier brother. Sometimes it is such fun to have a bit of a thrilling safe scare. Judging from the children’s reaction today, I think they would agree with me. I could tell they were scared. They were being pretty inventive and using twigs on the ground as make shift weapons and extensions of their fingers allowing them to poke the wolf without risking their fingers. It was a bit annoying from my perspective but I can totally understand this reaction and quite frankly I am always impressed by children’s ability to think and act on their feet. Many children lingered around after the show and asked repeatedly when the next show was, one boy made me count down the minutes until the next show. I think they liked them. 🙂

The final show was the Great Pirate Caper. I thought I’d end it with an opportunity to say See you later Alligator, in a while Crocodile! I think I shall let the pictures tell the story.

And here’s me at five years old watching Mr Punch. I love how life goes in circles.

Watching Mr Punch , age 5

That's the way to do it!


If I could bottle the magic and laughter from my lovely audiences and sell it, I would be a very rich woman.

But I am rich in other things and  have the best job satisfaction in the whole world!

Sweet magical moments like these are to be treasured. Hold on to these special memories with your children. They are worth more than gold.


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