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Like a Puppet on a String

Puppets , puppets, puppets, they come in so many forms.

Following on from my previous post about puppets from my youth, I’ve found a suitcase full of marionettes that I made over 15 years ago.

I’ve  never really used them. After making them I realised that marionettes really weren’t my bag. They require precision and grace and a certain patience. They are like the ballet of puppetry: slow moving, graceful and deliberate. I’m more pantomime, I like the fast moving, slapstick, high energy of the hand puppet.

You live and learn.

So I’ve been left with these lovely characters. First there is this man. He is a gentleman, magician type , with his top hat and cravat. He’s rather old fashioned and just a little bit goofy.

A lovely gentleman.

Jolly good show!

He looks rather dapper in his topper and frock coat, don’t you think?

Someone suggest a name for this lovely fellow.

Then I made another puppet. A punk puppet. A rather glamorous and just a tad camp, puppet. He has a pink mohican and lovely drainpipe pvc trousers, a regulation safety pin through his ear and a Union Jack t-shirt.

Check out the underarm hair… I like details on puppets.

Bovver boots and mohican.

Bovver boots and mohican.

Portrait of a Punk Puppet, check out that bobble nose!

Punk puppet posing

Both the Gentleman puppet and Punk puppet were made of stiffened sewn fabric and the Punk puppet has carved wood hands and feet.

Then I made another puppet, a carved wooden head that turned into a sort of Noah. I didn’t have a plan when I made him, he just sort of announced himself.

Naked puppet. I thought he had a certain beauty imbued in his simplicity.

Carved wood marionette puppet

Rosy cheek puppet

Running puppet

I have more of these marionette puppets. I made quite a few. I shall show you a few more another time.

For now, I shall just put these puppets back into the suitcase and into the cupboard until I figure out what to do with them.

Ooh like a puppet on a string... Ah, as a feminist I never really agreed with the sentiments behind that Sandy Shaw song. Those lyrics are decidedly dodgy. Is that why I don’t relate to marionettes?

Tee Hee. 🙂

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