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Colour: Feeds my eyes, warms my soul.

Mary Magdalene, Oil on wood panel, Samuel and ...

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A few pictures from around my home.

Colour is important to me.


My kitchen wall with painting of flowers, yes all by me!


My improvised mosaic fireplace.


My kitchen ceiling.. yes ceiling. Still not finished ten years later.

I’d always wanted a Madonna and cherubs on my ceiling, so I found a picture I liked and started to paint. Balanced precariously on a chair in my kitchen, paint brush in one hand, illustration in other, neck cricked back, I soon appreciated the enormity of the task I  had undertaken. Painting upside down on tiptoe really hurts. Whilst painting I started to wonder why the Virgin was bare chested and had flowing red hair then suddenly it dawned on me. The Magdalen. I was painting the Magdalen on my ceiling. Wonderful. She has been my muse ever since. Mind you, I am still to complete the ceiling, maybe one day.


Our beautiful shiny Lab/Rotty cross Tiny. Sadly afflicted with terrible epilepsy. This sweet loving dog didn’t make it past three years old. He is sadly missed.

Jug of Irises, painted over 18 years ago.


I don’t understand how people can live in a monochrome world. For some colour is terrifying and threatening. I’ve written about this strange phenomenon  here .

I understand sophistication and minimalism, but it’s just not me. I’ll stay in my gaudy but oh so stimulating and comforting colourful cocoon. I’m sure my little clients appreciate my colourful ways !

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