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Let them eat cake

Marie Antoinette’s famous words apparently, or not as it happens. She was misquoted I’ve heard. But still, it is an interesting story nevertheless.

But these words could be referring to a children’s birthday party, after all the birthday cake is the highlight of any party.

How many times have I seen wonderful creations of birthday cakes at parties, festooned with sweets, sugar glitter and icing decorations , sang over  , dribbled over ( as the birthday child attempts sweetly to douse the flames with spittle, it isn’t easy to blow when you’re little!) and cut up into little portions to share out , only to be left  intact on the plate with maybe just the sweeties or the icing nibbled. What a waste of lovely cake. I do find the latest fashion of cup cake towers or trays instead of a birthday cake a very practical alternative. Maybe have a smaller token cake to blow on , and then serve cupcakes? This saves on cutting time and having to throw away plates full of untouched slices of cake.

On the untouched food note, a good tip is to consider hosting a lunchtime party rather than  the traditional tea party, where countless sandwiches are overlooked while hula hoops and sweets are scoffed.  At lunchtime most children are hungry and will appreciate a simple lunch of pasta and tomato sauce, pizza, shepherds pie and peas, or even little hotdogs , fries and burgers. Trust me, very little will be wasted and it takes far less time to prepare.

Back to the cake front, if I come to your party, please DO NOT OFFER ME CAKE. I may not be able to decline it if you do.

I love cake but it is an occupational hazard for me.

Especially chocolate cake.


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