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Summer break

It’s the summer holidays now ( not that you could tell from this good old British weather we’re having) but the time has come when clients go on holiday and partying stops for 6 weeks.

So many people presume that children’s entertainers work the most in the Summer and are surprised that I say that that is when business is quietest.

So for a few weeks rather than writing here, I’m concentrating on my crafting.

Diane the London Children’s party entertainer and puppeteer is having a break and knuckling down to her crochet.

See you over on my craft blog!

Diane gets Crafty

Going crochet crazy! Come and see the cuteness.

My Easter Bunny and the chocolate seeking dog.

The Easter Holidays are rapidly approaching. For most, the Easter Bunny visits bringing gifts of Chocolate Eggs. ( I’ve never quite got the connection between bunnies and eggs, well, apart from the fertility symbolism, but you know what I mean)

In our humble abode ( a two bedroom London flat with no garden) the Easter bunny was forced to be creative, finding places to squirrel away ( oops mixed metaphor) his eggs. Miniature eggs would be hidden on top of door frames, on ledges , behind picture frames but what was most important was that it had to be high up, away from our dog’s chocolate seeking super charged nose.


Tiny the dog is sadly with us no more, having had to be put to sleep two years ago around Easter time. He was severely epileptic, despite being on various strong medication, and after nine long fits in one night it was decided the time had come.

I had to really be professional that afternoon at a lovely child’s birthday party, putting on my happy face and hiding my tears. The show must go on.

We miss you Tiny dog.

But my Easter Bunny is still with me. He hops along all year through at children’s birthday parties, bringing year round joy and giggles to countless boys and girls ( and some grown ups too!)

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