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Twenty reasons I love being a London Children’s Entertainer

  1. Being a London children’s entertainer,  I get to work in my home town but in different places every day. No drab office for me!
  2. Being a children’s entertainer I raise smiles on my way to work , because of number 3…
  3. Being a children’s entertainer , I get to wear silly clothes to work.
  4. Being a children’s entertainer, I get to perform for the most honest audience: children.
  5. Being a children’s entertainer, I get to blow raspberries and wiggle my bottom for fun. At 47.
  6. As a children’s entertainer,  I am my own boss.
  7. Being a children’s entertainer, I get to play with puppets and get paid for it.
  8. Being a children’s entertainer, I get high fives and spontaneous cuddles for tips.
  9. Being a children’s entertainer, I can dye my hair pink if I wish and still be employable.
  10. Being a children’s entertainer , I get to sing for people who won’t judge me like Simon Cowell.
  11. Being a children’s entertainer, my homework is making up stories and keeping up with Kids television.
  12. Being a children’s entertainer, I get offered cake , champagne and sausages as part of my work perks. ( Occupational hazard, I call it)
  13. Being a children’s entertainer, I get to inspire the future leaders of the world.
  14. Being a children’s entertainer, I get to gild lillies every time I paint those sweet faces.
  15. Being a children’s entertainer, I get to impart calm and focus to chaotic situations.
  16. Being a children’s entertainer, I often get hugs from tearful parents at the end of the party. Tears of joy, I might add.
  17. Being a children’s entertainer, I get to have a reason to make elephants from milk cartons. And knit six foot pythons.


    I was once a plastic container

  18. Being a children’s entertainer , I witness true love every time I see parents smiling at their hopping children playing Sleeping Bunnies.
  19. Being a children’s entertainer, I can fulfill my dream to be a fairy, vicariously through my puppet Fifi the Baby Fairy.
  20. Being a children’s entertainer, I can dispel the myth of the 30 second attention span. Children can focus for a good hour if you give them real interaction.

Diane is Diane Goldie from Diane’s Puppets , a London Children’s Entertainer.

Diane Goldie : London Children's Entertainer

Hi ho, Hi ho, it’s off to work I go…

office chair

Image by chotda via Flickr

I was on the bus on my way to my last storytelling session at my favourite school in Blackheath, musing over the stories that were to be told in my head. As I prepared my repertoire mentally, I gazed in an unfocused stare out of the window. I was totally unprepared for what I saw.

As the bus drove past grey grimy shop after grey grimy shop my eyes were startled by the following window display. In large letters on sheets of A4 paper stuck on the window, I saw

Damien Hirst bought a chair from us!

This really made me chuckle. This was celebrity endorsement like I’d never seen before. Here was a very normal , some may say downtrodden ,office furniture shop in the New Cross area of London using their creativity and really catching my attention. Even though there seemed to be an absolute glut of office furniture shops on that particular road, this shop was the one I’d remember.

It made me ponder on how resourceful people become in tough times like these. We are all struggling to make ends meet in what is a very difficult time, not only in England but across the globe. When times get tough, the tough get going. I often think that this economic downturn has an unexpected benefit of really strengthening individual’s resolve and stripping back the average and showcasing the special.

I’ve bumped into the very talented man called Damien Hirst at a few parties in my capacity as a London children’s entertainer. Once I was instructed to set up my puppet booth in front of a very famous medicine cabinet. I felt a little anxious when I realised just where I’d seen that medicine cabinet before. It bore all the markings of Damien Hirst and lo and behold, he was one of the guests. I then realised my client was of a very prestigious family with a history steeped in film making. I’d watched my client’s brother on the television riding his motorbike across Africa with the very lovely Ewan McGregor.

Sometimes being a London Children’s entertainer and puppeteer is a lot of fun!

Diane has been recommended by a celebrity or two as well.

Entertaining London’s Children

Watching Mr Punch , age 5

As a London Children’s entertainer, my work consists of entertaining London’s children, from babies up until around 8 years old. By then they’re all too grown up for the simple joys of puppets, apparently. It’s funny, I first encountered puppets as a child on the beach front in Skegness. It was Mr Punch, hitting Judy over the head with his slap stick and shouting THAT’s the way to do it! I was dressed to match my dolly who watched with her still glassy eyes from my lap as I cradled her gently. She enjoyed it as much as I did. I remember her telling me so.

Despite the clear domestic violence and the real lack of story and plot line,from that first crude puppet show, I was hooked. I’ve been hooked on puppets ever since and now , 42 years later, I’m still in love with the magic of puppetry.

My, how things have changed since those days.
But I still believe there is a constancy in the simple joys of puppets and the journey into imagination that they facilitate. No electronic game or fancy doodah can replace this simple joy.
And for that I am eternally grateful.

That’s the way to do it!

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