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Top 10 Ideas for Party Bags by Best Kids Party

Party Favors

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It has become a custom that all children expect a party bag at the end of a party, however the term \’party bag\’ is often the term used to refer to some form of gift.Here are my Top 10 ideas for party bags, that won’t necessarily break the bank and you can ensure the children go home with a big smile on their face.

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Don’t Hate, Celebrate!( or how to avoid the revenge party bag syndrome)


I came across this blog post via Twitter  : Five reasons to hate kids parties . It is a very funny, perfectly frank response to today’s party competitive syndrome where parents feel pressured into putting on the biggest and best party, costing plenty of money in the process. While I really appreciate how parents must feel about the stress of party hosting, I did find it a little disappointing that many parents opt to not host a party at all and some jokingly referred to preparing ‘revenge’ party bags full of  noise makers and sweets to stress out the parents of the party guests when they got home.

What a shame.

Okay, I’m not without humour ( I have a masters degree in being silly after all) and I do appreciate that most of these comments were posted in jest but I did feel that underneath the jokes and quips lies a backbone of bitterness and resentment. This is what I find sad. Parties should be joyful occasions, remembering after all that they are for our children. I ask yourself to think with your inner child’s brain and remember yourself as a child and how important and significant your annual birthday event was. As adults we’d rather forget our ageing and skim over our birthdays but when you are four turning five, oh my! This is an event. All children without exception want to be big. Let’s forget the grown-ups and their expectations and concentrate on our children. What is fun for them? What is important for them? Their parents attention in short. Throwing good money after bad is just a panic tactic that really doesn’t equal a good party experience as I have covered in my previous blog post here. What all children really want is an opportunity to show that they are of worth. They are natural pleasers. Nothing gives a child more pleasure than making mummy and daddy happy. So forget the plastic and sweets, here’s my suggestion for a cheap party that your child will love. Do stuff with your kids. Get on the floor if they’re little and play ring a rosies with them. Play musical statues/bumps with them, prepare to enter their world and be silly.Play the games that you used to play at your own birthday parties with them, your children will love that if you do. That is the key. If you enjoy it, if you invest good energy into it, they will follow.

As for party bags, well forget the spiteful revenge bag and just be creative. Why not make it into a game of fish, ( just have one small gift per child) or lucky dip? I’ve seen children going away from parties with a strawberry plant, pleased as punch. The party bag idea is a token gift. It doesn’t have to be huge or even a bag. Just something … come on parents, I know you can do it.

Don’t give up on fun. Our children rely on us.


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