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Brand spanking new website!

I’m so excited, I’ve finally taken the plunge and sorted out a proper website for my business. It’s been a long time coming and my old free tripod website o has served me well, but I realised it was time to take what I do seriously and be a ‘proper’ grownup. In my line of work it is sometimes hard to be taken seriously, even by myself. So I’m pumped.



I do hope you like it , dear readers.

Over the last 18 years my job as a children’s entertainer in the London area, providing puppet shows for children’s birthday parties has brought me much joy. I hope to be in my dotage when I retire , which I hope is in a long time. I’m 47 now and don’t anticipate retiring until my arms , legs and voice give in. Roll on granny in the sparkly tights , say I! I hope to be famous around these parts for that old lady who brings joy to kids  one day.

Here’s where it all started: It was on a beach in Skegness. I was about 5 and dressed to match my lovely dolly. There was a puppet show on the beach and a certain Mr Punch who by turns terrified and delighted me.

Intoxicated by Mr PunchMy love affair with puppets was born here.

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