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Story time!

Here’s a taste of my original story SPACE MOUSE.

It was born from a request from my local nursery to tell a story for young children to introduce them to the concept of space.

I slept on the idea and in the morning SPACE MOUSE was born.

But what if that cow got trapped in a tractor beam sent out by aliens intent on making a killing from selling moon cheese to space tourists? Hmmm..

( Yes my mind works in mysterious ways folks!)

One day mouse woke up to the beaming rays of the sun shining through his window. He climbed up on the roof to bask in the warm glow of the sunshine. Aah! It was lovely!

He heard someone singing :

The sun is in the sky, the sun is in the sky, hey hey its a lovely day

The sun is in the sky.

Mouse could only but agree, it was a very lovely day. The singing continued:

At night the stars shine bright, at night the stars shine bright, they twinkle like diamonds,

At night the stars shine bright.

Mouse loved the stars. Sometimes he would climb on his roof and try and count every single one. He never managed to finish somehow. Once he saw a shooting star and he made a wish. I can’t tell you what he wished for, for it won’t then come true.

Cat continued her song, for it was indeed cat who was singing on this very lovely day:

The moon is made of cheese, the moon is made of cheese, Hey hum and yummy yum,

The moon is made of cheese!

The moon is made of cheese? Mouse’s tummy rumbled. Oh how he loved cheese! It was hard for  him to find much cheese about, the only cheese he had ever tasted had been a crumb that was left in an old mouse trap. It was so delicious, but so dangerous! Mouse had always wanted to taste more, but didn’t dare tempt the mousetrap again. Now just maybe if he could somehow get to the moon …

Mouse set to work .There was no time to lose. He was going to go to the moon! He was a resourceful creature and had saved lots of stuff that people thought was rubbish. Mouse liked to recycle, so he got out all his sticky tape and bits and bobs and worked through the night building his rocket. By the time night fell, he was finished!

Mouse climbed onto his roof and admired his brand new rocket. It was beautiful. Then he carefully carried three unlit fireworks he had found buried in the ground after last Bonfire Night and he pushed them into the engines . He lit the fuses and quickly climbed inside his rocket.


Blast off!

Mouse was so excited, he was on his way to the moon to eat lots and lots of cheese.

Mouse landed his rocket gently on the moon and climbed out to eat some yummy cheese. OH No! The moon wasn’t made of cheese, but rock and not even the yummy seaside kind, no just hard, inedible rock. Mouse was very disappointed. But then he saw and smelt something interesting: the moon wasn’t made of cheese but there was a Cheese Shop! It was run by a very strange space alien creature with a large spotty nose and only one eye in the middle of his head. Something weird and silver dangled in front of his face. He had four arms and didn’t look too friendly…

Mouse walked up to the counter and put his pennies on the counter and asked for cheese. The alien cheese shop man just made a funny BLeugggggh sort of noise and then started to laugh. He pointed to the sign that read, CHEESE £100. Oh dear! Poor mouse couldn’t even afford it. He  had come all this way in his moon rocket for nothing. What a swindle! Mouse walked outside and decided to explore. He hadn’t come this far for nothing.

It didn’t take long before mouse heard a curious sound. It sounded like the moon was … Mooing?

Mouse found a very sad cow round the back of the alien cheese shop. She was crying and sobbing and mooing.

She had been tied up with a piece of rope, had nothing to eat and was very , very lonely.

” I want to go hooooooooomee” She mooed when mouse asked her what was wrong.

The cow went on to explain how when one day she was jumping over the moon, an alien had caught her in a  tractor beam and had forced her to land on the moon. Ever since then Cow had been forced to live on the moon and make Space Cheese from her milk which the aliens sold to moon tourists and made a huge amount of money. Cow got nothing but some dry hay to eat.

Mouse was very sad to hear this story but he had a plan. ‘Don’t worry, Cow, I shall help you get home in my rocket’

He gnawed through cow’s rope and led her to his rocket.

Oh no! Cow was too big to get inside.

“Don’t worry, ” said Space Mouse,being resourceful, ” I can use the rope and tow you back to earth “.

And that is what he did.

And that is how Space Mouse got his cheese.

Cow and mouse became great friends. Cow lived in Mouse’s back garden and ate the fresh green grass in the bright yellow sunshine and was so happy she made lots of milk . Mouse made lots of cheese for himself and for all of his friends.

And the aliens? I have no idea what happened to them. Maybe they’re still on the moon looking for the cow.

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