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Avoid mess, think ahead!

You’re having 20 or so children around for a birthday tea. You’ve decided to forgo hiring the tea-table and chairs and opt instead for a picnic style tea on the floor.

All well and good so far.Picnic style tea’s/lunches are sometimes the best way with little ones. Fragile plastic chairs sometimes have a nasty habit of tipping over , causing tears and bumps. Sitting on the floor =  can’t fall.

You’ve picked a theme , it’s a pirate and princess party and you’ve popped along to the nearest party supply shop and have seen the paper tableware that fits your party theme perfectly. There’re tablecloths with pirates and princesses, balloons to match the theme and paper napkins. And adorable paper cups.


Paper cups + picnic style tea/lunches = MESS and spillage.

Paper cups just do not have the weight to hold the contents upright for long. The slightest knock or kick will mean it spills everywhere.

I’m not even convinced they are a good idea sitting at table neither. I’ve seen far too many spillages in my time.

Opt instead for juice boxes with integral straws. Make sure there are adult hands on board to deal with stabbing the straws into the boxes to start with.

You’ll thank me for this tip.

( Sometimes the obvious ones are not so obvious.)

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