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The power of puppets for change

Diane at work with her puppet Fifi

As you know, I’m a London birthday party puppet entertainer. Most of what I do is for fun. I take the spreading of joy and silliness very seriously. Birthday parties are a special time that create precious memories to be stored for the future.

However, there is a serious side to what I do as well.

I work as a workshop leader for Scary Little Girls Theatre Company with my puppet Fifi the Fairy and I deliver healthy relationship workshops ( anti bullying) where we explore how we treat each other and what feelings arise from our interactions.Fifi now has legions of young fans all over Southwark Primary Schools. This work is an absolute joy. It gladdens my heart to see such willingness from these very young children to explore difficult feelings as such a tender age and to begin to take responsibility towards how we treat each other.

The youth of today?

Let me tell you, they are magnificent.

All they need is inspiration.

And that, fellow grown-ups , is our responsibility.

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